Then [Jesus] bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

John 19:30b

I was taught the crucifix was bad theology, that Christ was victorious over death and, therefore, we should only look to an empty tomb and a victorious cross. However, personal traumas have drawn me back to the crucified and suffering servant.

I find solidarity in a Christ who embraced death with the same fidelity and courage as he faced life. I find comfort in knowing that the Tortured One offered mercy on the cross, and still offers it today.

Yes, I find hope in the resurrection; but I find grounding in knowing that God grieves and identifies with my suffering. 

Written by Anton Flores-Maisonet for Red Letter Christians

Art credit: “Study for Crucifixion” by Graham Sutherland as photographed by Scott Gunn via Flickr.

1 thought on “Crucified”

  1. Deep gratitude for all these reflections, dear Anton…especially this one…..bowing. palms together. gratefully, Jean


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