Fun with futons and new friends

One day we welcomed “V” to Casa Alterna.

V is an asylum seeker from South America, and this was V’s first full day of freedom in the United States. He had plenty of free time and wanted to see the area, so I drove him around. V was most impressed with how verdant (and hilly) Atlanta is. 

I told him I needed to pick up a donated futon for our future guests; V. gladly offered to assist me. 

We got to the futon donor’s home and quickly realized my vehicle was too small for this grand gift. That is until I had an idea that probably raised the eyebrows of many folks who saw it. Since we only had one mile to drive, we placed the futon on top of the car with the futon’s armrests sticking out on each side. 

I jokingly told our guest that it was customary in the States for an honored guest to sit atop a car like royalty would, and I invited him to sit in the seat of honor. We laughed. Then I told him we now had wings on the car and that if I drove fast enough, we could fly to his new home in the northeastern part of the US. We laughed again. 

Thanks to our gracious donor, not only for the gift that will make our space more hospitable for our guests from distant lands but for helping make one newcomer’s first day in America so memorable and fun.

1 thought on “Fun with futons and new friends”

  1. Was just going to write and ask if there was a photo, then…there it was! Ah yes: humor will help to save us, added to love…..dearest love to you all, Jean


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