Midwives of hope

Amongst our most recent guests was a young man, detained along with his parents as they arrived at the Atlanta airport in search of asylum. We had the privilege of accompanying his father a few weeks earlier and now helped reunite the entire family.

We also hosted a man from the Caribbean who, along with his wife, left his country that is now in great turmoil and unrest. The couple fled their homeland five years ago only to spend much of that time trapped at our Southern border because of the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy. The asylum seeker came to Casa Alterna after being released from immigration detention to reunite with his pregnant wife in Florida. Their child, conceived in exile, will be born free this month. 

Our work is filled with the pains of labor but also always on the verge of witnessing something beautiful being birthed into existence. We are called to be midwives of hope.

1 thought on “Midwives of hope”

  1. Beautiful, dear Anton and Charlotte and all the team there…reminds me so much of Valarie Kaur and her…Breathe, Push, Pause/Rest…….blessed be, Love, jean

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