Help us launch a new community

Casa Alterna is launching a new community in the city of Atlanta. This seven-bedroom house will be a place where asylum seekers and U.S. citizens can live together and exercise their communal gifts of hospitality, compassion, and solidarity.

Two asylum-seeking residents already live in the house. Five more asylum seekers will join them in September 2022. We are also seeking a part-time house coordinator who will receive free housing.

To get the house ready and make it affordable for asylum seekers, we seek to raise $68,300. Help us show that love crosses borders. To donate, please go to Thanks!

1 thought on “Help us launch a new community”

  1. Blessings to you, dear Anton and Charlotte and friends……I should not be surprised at your hearts being so wide open that you would launch a new community. Can’t help in person but will send support! Grateful for all you are and do…always, Jean Chapman


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