Grace, Gratitude & Hope

This old cabin was once filled with life. A fireplace kept the simple abode warm. A wood-burning stove fed the bellies of inhabitants and guests. Love made this one-room cabin a home. Now it lies in ruin, a relic to a past long forgotten.

2021 and each past year is like this old homestead. Nostalgia can make us romanticize and long for the past. However, we ought not live in the past. Rather, we can cherish its memories and ponder its lessons in our hearts.

Rooted in the present we can bow to our past with gentle grace and we can breathe breaths of gratitude in the eternal now. As we bow and breathe we are invited to embrace a hope for a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

So in this moment we call “the new year” I wish for you (and me) the presence of companions named Grace, Gratitude, and Hope.

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