No place to go

“O.” was released from immigration detention this past Monday. He was one of 70+ immigrants that were unexpectedly released from Stewart Detention Center. Thrilled to be released, O.’s liberation came with a new challenge: where to live. O’s never lived in the United States and when he was freed he had no place to go. 

Today O. and I spent a great deal of time together. We made phone calls, shared an outdoor and distanced meal, we were both interviewed for national news, and then went to the grocery store for some essential items. O.’s also been a wonderful companion to another man, “H.”, who is older and frail and whose living situation is even more precarious.

Tomorrow O. travels to another state to live where he’ll blaze a new chapter in life. While his legal status is still pending in immigration court, he’d really like to return home. Even with so much unknown about his future, our two volunteers who will accompany him all the way to his airport gate will notice something undeniable and genuine in “O” – his gratitude and joy.

Casa Alterna and our partner organizations are looking for trusted friends willing to open up their hearts and their homes, spare apartments, place of worship, etc. to immigrants and asylum seekers in need of an extended stay. Could that be you?

If so, please email me at alternacommunity[at]gmail[dot]com and let’s discern together. To partner with us, you can live anywhere in the United States and don’t have to speak another language. All that is required is the joy of of radical hospitality and a belief that love crosses borders. With those two traits, everyone has someplace to go.

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  1. during COVID I do not feel prepared to host someone, but am glad to make donation(s) to help out financially the released detainee or the host

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